I promise I have something to say….

keep calm

I have not written a blog post since September, but I promise I have something to say. There is so much that has happened in my life. I’m in graduate school obtaining my Masters in Business Administration. It’s definitely taken up a good bit of my time. I spend the majority of my days writing discussion posts, responding to posts, or writing a 1500-2500 word paper on marketing, strategic leadership, and all of the other courses.

I have been building and expanding my network by meeting new people and businesses. I really want to make myself known in the community as a writer, which requires me to step outside of my happy bubble and start mingling. Why should I sit back and watch when I truly do have something to say?

I have developed a list of goals. Therefore, if I want to achieve them, then I need to take the steps and put on my big girl panties and do it. My sorority sister Dash told me that if I wasn’t staying up late doing what I love then I must really love it. Well it is 12:32 AM right now, and I’m up writing this post. I guess that means I’m falling back in love with writing again. Who knew otherwise?

I promise I have something to say.

This is Being Starkey, my new blog that focus more on me as a writer, journalist, purpose driven seeker, and PHREAdom leader.

But again, I promise I have something to say so get ready.


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