Book Review: My Journey captures Transparency

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 3.40.28 PMMy pastor explained one Sunday about being in the middle of chaos that is when God is doing the most work. While reading Trina Holiness’ first installment My Journey: My Road to Wholeness While Being Transparent, it made me think of that message. Blogger and Author Trina has published her newest e-book to capture her transition in her relationship with God.

“To reach this new territory, I was stripped of many things. However, in return I was clothed with God’s love, increased faith, my distinct purpose, and clear vision of my destiny,” she said.

Last year, I set a goal to attend more networking events. I attended her summer series which featured Angie Bell of Lamp’s Love Project with my sorority sister. It was so powerful because it was not only an opportunity to network, but also to empower and inspire women while sharing testimonies. This book is another opportunity for her to do the same.

My Journey is ideal for young women stuck and searching for Godly answers. Trina’s approach to her testimony is phenomenal. Her transparency is unbelievable. The author gave you a sneak peek into her life during some of the most trying moments in her life. She bared it all in this book without leaving anyone guessing for answers. My Journey not only showcase her experience, but it also serves as a reference tool for inspirational and scripture while individuals may be facing a similar situation.

My favorite part is when she describes her experience of feeling burnt out.

“T.D. Jakes describes burn out as ‘Driving a car while on E.’ Yes, that was me. I was burned out with every aspect and entity of my being. Fatigue, disappointments, setbacks, lack, and please others had all intertwined. This vine had begun to grow profusely and had started to choke the life out of me,” she wrote.

Raise your hand if you’ve felt this way before especially with your jobs, family, relationships, and many others. It’s okay, I’ll wait.

It’s such a natural reaction, but what you do can change your life. Trina proved it in her book. Trina was able to take her cloudy days and allow a ray of sunshine to expose itself to give her a clear vision of her Godly purpose. This book is an awesome read! You have to check it out for yourself. I pray it moves you the same way that it did for me.

For your copy of My Journey, subscribe to My Road 2 Wholeness at and you receive your free copy of the book!

I’m thankful that she chose Always PHREA to be the final stop during her virtual book tour. It was well worth it!

** The book review is the opinion of Starkey. This post is cross posted to Always PHREA as well. **


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