Every 90’s flyy girl wish comes true


I’ll admit it. I wanted to be a writer because of one person – Tracy Ellison Grant. She was smart, witty, ambitious, go-getter and most importantly – flyy. Tracy wooed the word with her words in poetry, novel, and screenwriting. I never pictured me writing for television shows or movie, but I started writing poetry more and more once I met Tracy. It was her thing. She wrote erotically and emotionally about life, relationship, and a whole lot of everything else. I continued to chronicle her life from being a Flyy Girl to moving to California For the Love of Money, and ultimately becoming the Boss Lady of her own film production company.

Who is Tracy Ellison Grant? She is the main character of Charlotte author Omar Tyree’s Flyy Girl trilogy published in 1993. And if you grew up in the 90’s then you already know the answer. As a teenager, you probably sneaked the book into your parent’s home to find out why all of your friends are talking about it. I did. Flyy Girl was my first “grown up” book with sex and profane words galore. Tracy was the real deal without a filter.

Why are we talking about it now? Yesterday, it was announced that they are moving forward with turning this novel into a movie. Can you guess who is starring as Tracy and producing it? I’ll give you a second. My favorite actress, Sanaa Lathan, was just cast in this role.

According to an article on The Young, Black, and Fabulous, Codeblack Films is partnering with Lathan to produce and star in the film version of the novel.

“So many people have grown up on this series and I’m looking forward to bringing Tracy Ellison’s story to life through film. It’s my hope to continue to help bring diverse stories to the big screen,” Lathan said.

I’m “uber” psyched about it. This is a chance to see the urban classic novel come to life on the big screen. I love black films especially romance. Tracy had some downhill spirals in that department, but it would be cool to see them expand on her relationship with her first love Victor. It also provides an opportunity for Tracy’s story to be shared to another teenager like me who was interested in writing, but needed an extra boost to make it happen.

There’s no word yet on a production date, but the movie is coming.

Now tell me: Did you read the Flyy Girl trilogy? Are you excited about the movie? What do you expect from it?


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