Create a Plan and Re-Write it Down

This summer has been extremely busy with work, life, and blog balance. In May, I transitioned to a new career as a youth development program director. I am adjusting to more travel and programming during the summer, which has completely wrecked my awesome time management skills. Seriously, I had an awesome time management system between my day planner and Google calendar. For more tedious tasks, I developed an action plan for both professional and personal goals. However, I missed my mark in some areas of the plan.

An action plan is, according to Business, “a sequence of steps that must be taken, or activities that must be performed well, for a strategy to succeed.”

According to Coach Ashley Dash, it’s important to find your purpose to identify your passion then create the plan of action. I have all of that taken care of, but I know there may be some who are still searching for it. However, since I do have to revisit my plan of action since a) I’ve missed deadlines and b) I need to make some deletions and additions to it. I figured this time, I would use some help from a credible source to make sure my plan of action is SMARTer than before.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 4.20.10 PMI purchased Coach Ashley Dash’s My Personal Career Coach Workbook. I started working on the section that discuss the plan of action through setting goals to achieve the plan. The workbook offers various exercises to guide any professional to a successful future. I knew I wanted to focus on graduate school preparation (yes, I  plan to go back eventually), blogging, and my first novel. I have found it to be easier to utilize a tool such as My Personal Career Coach Workbook to help me complete it.

I will share my progress on Being Starkey so stay tuned for any updates.

❤ Starkey


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