Top 5 Reasons to attend Charlotte Greek Picnic

In less than a month, National Pan-Hellenic Greeks and non-Greeks will serve, network, and have a great time at the Charlotte Greek Picnic. According to the Charlotte Greek Picnic’s Website, “The annual event creates an atmosphere to congregate, celebrate, give back, reunite and network. It provides the ideal opportunity for the Charlotte community, fraternity & sorority families to G.I.V.E.” This year, the weekend will take place September 16-19 in Charlotte, N.C. The event started in 2011, and has grown to become a signature event for black Greeks both ol’ skool and new members. I’ve been attending the event for the past few years, and I love every bit of it! Therefore, I’ve decided to reach out to my Being Starkey friends to tell you all my top 5 reasons that YOU should attend the Charlotte Greek Picnic.

5) It’s open to everyone!

You don’t have to be Greek to attend the Charlotte Greek Picnic. This is an opportunity for everyone to watch the stroll off, visit the various vendors, participate in community service, and network with people from different walks of life.

4) You can meet your future soulmate!

There will be nice looking men and women at this event. If you are single or in a “situation” then you never know who may be working with you in your group for the service project or strolling next to you. According to Paul C. Brunson‘s post titled “Proven Ways to Meet Someone New,” three of the nine ways to meet someone new are: volunteer, talk to people, and reconnect with old friends. The Charlotte Greek Picnic experience provides you with the opportunity to do just that.

3) Network! Network! Network!


My sorority sisters and I at the Charlotte Greek Picnic

According to Cynthia Stevens’ article “Keys to Networking,” networking is about building and captivating relationships. During the Charlotte Greek Picnic, there will be people from various locations on the East coast as well as those with different career fields. This is essential for a recent college graduate. There will be professionals at the event who may have a job in your dream career field. Bring a business card or Linked In information while you experience this great event.

2) It brings back college memories!


Poodles prance, stroll, & shimmy #memories

In the past few years, I’ve always attended the picnic with my friends and sorors. It was a reunion. We all drop off the kids, give our significant other’s space, and we catch up on life. It’s just like coming back to your alma mater for homecoming. You can reminisce about the college parties and strolls. If you aren’t Greek, it’s just as fun because you were still surrounded by people affiliated with various organizations.

1) Keep service first!


Picture from Charlotte Greek Picnic

For the second year, Charlotte Greek Picnic & TIME are collaborating with #HashtagLunchbag in Charlotte to make and deliver meals to the homeless and less fortunate in the area. Most organizations has some type of service premise to their mission or purpose. This is a way to not only serve those in need, but also continue to fulfill the purpose of your organization. One of the main things that drove me to my sorority is the appreciation to serve the community. If you aren’t interested in attending the picnic, you should definitely sign up to volunteer one of the two days. The bonus part is this is a family affair. You can bring your children and teach them about the value of volunteering.

Charlotte Greek Picnic is a movement for everyone to join in for a moment of service, fellowship, and network. If you are interested in attending, check out the website at



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