Don’t Worry! 5 Things to do on a Rainy Weekend


Five Things to do on a

We get it! Hurricane Joaquin spoiled your fall weekend plans of visiting the corn maze, tailgating for the latest football game, or a day at the local vineyards. There’s no need to worry. I love rainy days! A rainy day is just another way of God telling me to sit down, kick up my feet, and relax. I get the most things accomplished around my place and life when it rains especially for an entire weekend. Are you looking for a few things to do this weekend? Well, here’s a list of five things to do on a rainy weekend. Enjoy 🙂

  1. Create your own movie-thon!
    Pull out your old DVDs or tune into your DVR and watch movies from morning to dark. I love turning on the Hallmark channel especially in the fall or winter time. They show the best movies during this season.
  2. Get creative!

    Image courtesy of Panpote at

    Image courtesy of Panpote at

    DIY projects are great during a rainy weekend. You are stuck inside your place. If you’re like me, you already have a stash of “just in case” DIY projects laying around somewhere. My next DIY project is sewing headbands to embellish my tight natural curls. The project won’t take too long, but it would be for this weather.

  3. Snuggle UP!
    Spend the weekend nestled in the bed or couch with your boo. Need I say more?
  4. Game Weekend!

    Do you own Yahtzee, UNO, or any other family games? You can call up your close friends for a game weekend. Invite everyone to bring their own food and/or drink, and you supply the games. Ya’ll can spend hours laughing and having a great time without feeling bummed about the weather.

  5. Try a new recipe!
    Do you have a recipe that you’ve been itching to try, but was busy with meetings or social outings? Why not go to the store with your list, and cook the recipe? It’s one more recipe to check off your list.

I hope this list provides you with some options to keep yourself entertained during this rainy weekend. I can’t wait to try some of them.

It’s your turn now! What do you like to do during the rainy weather?


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