The Write Block:: Writing Prompt Response

sneakpeakintodailynavTwo days ago, I introduced a new prompt for The Write Block. It was “A New Career Opportunity.” I chose this prompt because I’m currently writing my novel, and the main character is in the middle of a new career opportunity which forces her life to change. As a way to dig deep into the content, I wrote for 15 minutes on this topic. I don’t normally share parts of my book, but in an act of transparency I decided to share it. You can check it out below.

While Rashad drove back to North Carolina, Daie mentally created her to-do list for the next week and some change.

Sort through my clothes. Sell some items that I do not need. Donate the items that don’t sell. Get a P.O. Box in Atlanta for my mail. Spend time with my god-daughter. Plan brunch with the girls. Make sure Rashad knows I love him. Pack my clothes. Mentally decorate my new office. Start mapping out potential locations. Ask my stylist for a referral, but in the meantime, schedule next appointment,” she thought. However, she knew there were a thing or two more missing from the list.

Atlanta was not far away, but reality was beginning to sink. She was moving away from everyone she knows and has grown attached to since college. Originally, Daie knew what the move meant. It was an opportunity to start over after her break up, but she was happy again and in love with a great man. This was making her decision harder than she imagined.

Once Rashad pulled into Daie’s driveway to her loft. He walked around and opened her car door after grabbing her bags from the trunk of the car.

“What are you going to do now,” she asked Rashad while walking towards her door.

“I need to go check on Bubba. I have to pick him up from my frat brother,” he replied.

“Would you like some company? I can come over there or you two can come here.”

“You can come over. Are you okay, Daie?”

“Yes, I know that these two weeks are going to fly. I want to spend as much time with you as possible is all.”

“Frat doesn’t live too far away from my place. You can just pack your bag, and I will meet you at my spot. Just use your key.”

As you can see, the writing prompt helped my progress. I was able to push through the block. I’m almost finished with the chapter, and I can’t wait to move on to the next one. I’m a step closer to completing it.

❤ Starkey


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