Do you remember the first time?

WORLD NEWSI have a question. It’s a very simple question. Do you remember the first time you went on your first college tour? Or, do you remember the first time you rode a horse? Then, here’s another one – do you remember the first time you spoke in front of a large group? I do.

As a youth development professional, I pride myself on creating first time experiences’ for the youth that I work with as well as those in my family. Today, I had the pleasure of taking my little cousin to a birthday party where she rode a horse for the first time. Some of the girls at the party were extra excited, and others were nervous. My little cousin was anxious. She kept petting the horses, and ducking when they came too close.

IMG_20151108_145414196At the party, one parent stood out to me. She was talking about her daughter’s fear of animals and how surprised she was that her daughter was receiving the horses so well. Her daughter and my cousin rode the horses at the same time. The parent shared that she had never rode a horse before, and it was her first time riding one similar to my little cousin.

“And she will never forget this moment,” I responded.

She won’t forget it. Neither will my cousin. After they rode, they both had the biggest smiles on their faces despite the chilly fall afternoon.

Moments like that, can shape a person’s future. Now will they become the next competitive horse racers or own a horse for leisure purposes; however, it definitely opened their minds to the possibility.

How many memories or first times can you count on your hands that you will never forget? I can count several memories both good and bad. It’s a part of life.

Now it’s your turn:: what first time in either childhood or adult changed your life?

❤ Starkey


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