Because of Anna B.

Because of Anna B.Before there was Being Starkey, I had a blog called Always PHREA. One of my first entries was an ode to my mother who passed away in 2009. Today is her birthday, and I wanted to share that post with you all!

Today was the first time in a while that I cried. I was rummaging through my tote full of photos trying to purge and pack for my move next week. In the process, one picture stood out amongst all of the other hundreds and hundreds of photos. It was a picture of my mom smiling. I’m sure you all know by now that my mom died three years ago. I rubbed the picture as if I was feeling her physical presence as the tears fell from my eyes. All I could say is that “I’m working hard to make you proud of me, Momma!” That’s why I worked two jobs. That’s why I’m back in school to pursue my dreams. I am doing it because she raised me as a single parent with four children barely making it, and I just want to show her what I’ve become of it despite the adversities. She put your children above everything. I am just the same. I will give someone I cared about my last as long as it was what they needed. It’s the giver in me. A day like today forced me to take time and truly appreciate the legacy my mom left. I am a product of Anna B. – Originally posted on June 21, 2012

Fast forward three years later, I haven’t changed too much. I found a career where my passion to give occurs on a daily basis. I give and teach youth about life skills that will make them more productive citizens in the future. My mom spent the majority of my childhood working as a cafeteria lady. Everybody loved her. The kids would hug her when they saw her. I got that from her. I continue to carry her spirit with me in everything that I do.

Because of Anna B., I am a better woman. I aim to love more. I work hard to pursue my dreams, and always strive to do my best regardless if I’m tired or overwhelmed. Growing up with a single mother, I learned that even when times were hard, you make it work. I’m so blessed to have a mother who loved her children unconditionally. I pray that I can share that same love with my children in the future.

I love you Momma, and Happy Birthday!

❤ Starkey


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