9 ‘Because I Said I Would’ Promises

Because I said I wouldYesterday, I had the pleasure of hearing Alex Sheen, the founder of Because I said I would, at the state conference held for my job. If you have no idea who Alex Sheen is then you are missing out like I was until yesterday that is.

Alex Sheen’s father died in 2012, and he shared that his dad was big on keeping promises. Promise is a big word, but unfortunately many people don’t always keep for whatever reasons. In honor of his father, Sheen ventured on a quest “to strengthen humanity’s will” through his non-profit organization Because I said I would.

The mission, according to the Because I Said I Would‘s Web site of “Because I said I would is a social movement and nonprofit dedicated to the betterman of humanity. We make and keep promises to end suffering, establish peace and build happiness.” He created a simple business card size called a promise card for individuals to write down their promise and hold themselves accountable. Millions of people all over the world have made simple promises all because they said they would.

I was so moved after the event, I grabbed eight cards to write down my promises. I was trying to decide how will I hold myself accountable, and this is the perfect outlet. Because I Said I Would reached its peek through its website and social media. Therefore, it’s quite fitting if I did the same.

Here are my NINE Because I Said I Would promises:

  1. Because I said I would…PUT ME FIRST!
    I am a chronic yes person. I will admit it. I’m quick to say yes to help everyone else, but I spend very little time on focusing on my needs. I promise to make more time for me. It could be spending time away from home to get my hair done or working on a new sewing project.
  2. Because I said I would…LOVE MORE!
    Love is just as simple as keeping a promise. However, many people don’t take the time to love. Rather, they find what small reasons to resist the idea of love. I promise to love more, and let it shine through me.
  3. Because I said I would…WRITE MORE!
    I’m clearly practicing this promise, but I want to write at least three times a week not only by blogging, but finishing up my book and journaling. I used to journal before I started blogging a lot. I want to get back there.
  4. Because I said I would…SMILE & MEET FIVE NEW PEOPLE PER MONTH!
    I’m such an introvert, and it’s like pulling teeth for me to get out and actively meet new people. I’m thankful through my job, I’ve met some great people who will in turn introduce me to more people. I want to smile more because I HATE being called the mean girl, when I’m really not mean at all. I’m one of the sweetest and kindest people you will ever meet, but you will never know that. Therefore, because I said I would, I’m going to smile more and make a more conscious effort to meet five new people per month.
  5. Because I said I would…STUDY THE BIBLE!
    As I increase my spiritual relationship with God, I promise to read and study The Bible. I’ve found some cool study guide tips on lessons that I will be implementing. Because I said I would, I want my relationship to build even more through my reading of His Word.
  6. Because I said I would…READ 10 BOOKS BY THE END OF THE YEAR!
    I’ve literally made this attempt last year to read at least 12 books, but I realized that due to time restraint then I wouldn’t have the time to do it. I decreased the number to 10 books. Because I said I would, I believe setting a designated number will help me stay focused on the content and knock the books out. I have a long list of books that I’m waiting to read so I can’t wait to read them.
  7. Because I said I would…SERVE MORE!
    I volunteer at least 6 times a year on average for different organizations and events. I want to do more. God has blessed me with a great job, loving family & friends, and resources. I want to be able to share that with people. My ultimate promise to find a board that matches what I am interested in, and becoming a board member.
  8. Because I said I would…EXERCISE 3 TIMES A WEEK!
    As you all remember, I had my rant about becoming more healthy. Last week, I unintentionally walked 1.5 miles non-stop during the Christmasville Parade in Rock Hill. I was exhausted, but it felt good to move my muscles. While I’m at the conference this week, I will be going to the gym to work out with one of my co-workers. Can you say accountability partner? Because I said I would, I plan to exercise at least 3 times a week even if it’s moving only 30 minutes. I want to consistently make an effort to improve my overall health.
  9. Because I said I would…MAIL OR PASS OUT PROMISE CARDS TO 10 PEOPLE!
    I was so moved by the Because I Said I Would movement that I went online during some down time to order a set of cards to pass out to my family and friends. It’s a journey for all of us to join together and keep our promises.

Now it’s your turn. Because I said I would….is one thing you will do to make an impact on your life and those around you?


8 thoughts on “9 ‘Because I Said I Would’ Promises

  1. 5 & 7. I’m working on spending quiet time with God instead of trying to find everything else to do and service because that’s just an integral part of who we are called to be. Thank you!

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