First Comes Love, next comes…

First comes LoveThis is the response to the first love writing prompt for the Write Block Wednesday! The theme for this month is love! It’s not too late for you to join in on the fun! I decided to give you all an excerpt from my first novel, Daily Navigation. The accounts in this excerpt are fictional!

Driving down I-77, Daiely had the biggest smile on her face as she reminisce about Liam and her first encounter.
It was February and Queen City University’s homecoming.
Daiely and her girls Reece, Amenia, and Noel were walking around the tailgating area before heading to the basketball game.
“Girl I can’t wait to get to my grub on,” Reece joked.
“Whatever Reece,” Amenia snickered back. “We told you to eat before we got here.”
“I’m with Reece,” Daiely said, but a guy bumped into her before she could even finish her sentence.
“Hey little shorty! You could’ve said excuse me,” the 6’3” guy wearing a QCU sweatshirt said.
“My bad, excuse me tall guy,” Daiely said and she kept walking.
“Daie, why didn’t you stay to talk to him,” Noel said. “He was fine.”
“What are you talking about? First, he was rude. Second, dude was so tall all I saw was his shirt,” Daie responded.
The girls continued to walk around and chat with their fellow classmates and alum then headed to the game.
Daie didn’t think anything else about the tall guy she bumped into after they left. He was just another random QCU guy in her way. It was the norm at Queen City University. The university’s female to male ratio was 5:1. It was probable to meet some random guy on the prowl for a QCU girl.
After a win against Garnet University, the Queen City University students headed over to the official after party. Daie and her girls weren’t really the popular students, but they had a fairly large social circle within their major departments and student organizations. Amenia was the secretary of the student council. Noel wrote for the university’s newspaper. Daie was the president of the architecture association. The girls were instantly recognized as they stepped into the party.
“Don’t ya’ll look nice tonight,” a male voice said.
“Thanks,” the girls smiled. As the girls were about to proceed their walk to the dance floor, Noel brought it to Daie’s attention that the guy who just spoke to them was also the same person from tailgating she bumped into.
“Oh okay,” Daie responded. “He is cute after all, but what’s the point? If he’s interested in me, I need him to come to me.”
They continued walking around the dance floor to find their chill spot for the evening. The young ladies were dancing and having a good time while the DJ played all of the hits from Drake’s “Forever” to The Black Eyed Peas’s “I Got a Feeling.”
“Alright ya’ll, we are going to take it back a bit,” the DJ said to the attendees. He played 112’s “Only You.”
“Oh yeah, this is my song,” Daie yelled.
“Oh I need to know where we stand,” she started singing the song, but was interrupted by someone nudging at her arm.
“Hey! Dance with me,” he said. It was Mr. Bump Into You.
“It’s the least I can do since I bumped into you earlier, but what’s your name?,” Daie replied.
“I’m Liam. What’s yours?”
“Daiely? That’s an interesting name.”
“It’s like the daily newspaper, but everyone calls me Daie.”
“Well Daie, shall we.”
She faced him and started dancing to the song.
“You really do look nice tonight, Daie,” Liam whispered. He was right. Daie wore mustard gold skirt with a white blouse. It was form fitting to her size 12 body, but not too revealing. It was just right.
“Thanks, you don’t look too bad yourself,” Daie giggled.
When the song ended, Liam asked Daie for her number. She gave it to him. After that moment, the two were like Siamese twins. They studied together although Liam was a year ahead of her. They exercised together. The inseparable pair were close for the past two and a half years until Liam moved.
Daie was upset when he accepted the job in Phoenix. He spent the majority of his childhood on the west coast. His parents moved to the Virginia at the age of 12. He always wanted to move back across the country. After graduation, he found an opportunity in Arizona, and took it. Daie and Liam discussed the opportunity and what it would mean for his career.
“I don’t want you to leave, but I know you need this for your career. I support you,” Daie said.
“I’ll wait for you,” Liam said.
“I’ll wait for you too,” Daie continued.
And she did. He was her first love, and she didn’t want to lose him because of thousands of miles that separated them.
“I have so much stuff to do before Liam gets here,” Daie murmured to herself. “I need to cook, clean, wash my ass, and all before 10 p.m.”
Daie drove to the grocery store and purchased the ingredients to make Liam’s favorite meal- shrimp and grits. Liam loved it when she cooked for him especially grits.
“I’ve never had grits like this,” he always said.
Daie grew up in the lowcountry of South Carolina so she needed to know how to cook especially grits. It was a southern delicacy.
Luckily, when she made it to her exposed brick loft apartment, it was clean for the most part. She just needed to load the dishwasher and make up her bed before his flight arrived.
“Okay, place is clean and meal is simmering,” she said. “I hope Liam knows just how much I love him especially if I’m cooking after a long day of drafting and sketching.”
Daie did love him. Her love for Liam transcended all time. She secretly was planning their wedding even though the only ring on her finger was her Queen City University alumni class ring. She didn’t care. Daie imagined herself wearing a white tulle gown like Cinderella with her bridesmaids wearing cute red sangria colored chiffon dress. Liam would be wearing a black tuxedo with suspenders and a plaid bowtie. They would get married in a traditional church wedding with an amazing backdrop outside. The couple would say their “I dos,” and live happily ever after. They would honeymoon in Paris, and visit the landmarks while making love all over the area. They would become an power entrepreneurship duo like Jay and Bey. She would own an architecture firm while her future husband would have his own marketing firm with their building adjacent to each other. The couple would balance raising their three children – Madison, LJ, and Dayton. It would be perfect. She realized that he was the one since the first time they made love.
Liam called Daie over to watch their favorite movie Love & Basketball. They were both staying in Charlotte for the summer. Liam was in summer school to boost his grade point average before entering his last year at Queens City. Daie was interning at the Charlotte Firm of Architecture Design as a drafter.
As they watched the movie, Liam’s soft lips started kissing Daie on her neck and began to touch on her breasts.
“Liam, you are supposed to be watching the movie,” Daie whispered.
“I am, but I rather watch you,” he responded back.
“Aww…,” she thought.
Daie pressed her lips against his. As Liam slightly parted his lips to wrestle with Daie’s tongue, she twitched a little as her other lips began to moisten. The 6’3” senior pulled Daie even closer to him and began to part her legs as he clothes grind against her caramel body. Daie was wearing a dress which made the mission easier. He began to pull her sundress off of her body.
“Damn, you’re beautiful Daie.”
He kissed further on her body making her wetter. Daie lifted his shirt to reveal his mocha complexion chest and began to wrestle with his belt buckle on his True Religion jeans. Once she made her way to his boxers, she slid his pants and boxers down to his ankles.
They were bare for their first time together after four months.
“I’m not sure about this, Liam,” she said.
“Don’t be, baby. I will never hurt you,” he responded.
“Promise,” she questioned.
“I promised.” He pressed his lips against hers.
He caressed each of her C-cupped breasts, and began to tickle her nipples with this tongue. She began to whisper soft moans in his ear. He continued to do it again only faster, and parted her tender thighs to reach her womanhood.
Nervous and excited at the same time, Daie, a virgin, helped to push Liam’s fingers further inside her gentle purse. As his fingers slid inside her wet purse, she began to deepen her moans.
“Do you like it,” he asked.
“Yes. Keep doing it,” she responded.
He continued to massage her clitoris with his fingers. Once he finished, he laid his body on top of hers and slowly guide his manhood inside it.
“Liam,” she whispered between her soft moans. “I love you.”
“I love you too.”
After he finished, the two cuddled and fell asleep into each other’s arms.
“He is perfect,” she thought.
“It’s almost 10. I need to get dressed.”
Hair done – check. Make-up flawless – check. Outfit – triple check. Daie wore her favorite denim skinny jeans, rustic orange sheer blouse, and brown crossover heels.
“I look good,” she said as she danced in the mirror.
10:30 p.m.
“I need to leave this house right now,” she screeched.
Daie grabbed her keys to her Altima and drove down I-77 to the airport.
“Oh, this is my song,” she said as Monica’s “Love All Over Me” played on the radio. I got love all over me, baby your touch every part of me.”
“Incoming call,” the car notified Daie through her speakers.
“Hey babe. I’m getting off the exit now. Where are you?”
“Phoenix,” Liam said.

Stay tuned for more information about Daily Navigation! What did you think of it so far? What do you think will happen now?


10 thoughts on “First Comes Love, next comes…

  1. Daie’s outfit totally sounds like something I would wear. lol Good read, I love a good story especially when it has current references that I get like something as simple as Monica’s song.

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