Love in the Now: 10 Things I Love Right Now

Hey Ya’ll,

It’s truly been a while since I’ve blogged. I created my personal Blog Planner of Awesomeness to help me stay focused and on target for Being Starkey. However, things happened that prevented my success for February. It’s truly okay because they are all a part of my Write Block Wednesday prompt of the 10 Things I Love Right Now.

  1. God
    I am working to improve my spiritual relationship with God. I’m participating in a spiritual boot camp. The leader LaKia Barr gave the participants some awesome tasks including creating a spiritual vision board. I consider myself to be a pro-vision boarder, but I really thought and examined my relationship with God when I created it. The boot camp has definitely helped me to see clearer and love God even more than I already do.
  2. Me
    One of my goals on my vision board is to put me first. I can honestly say that I’ve been doing that. I started budgeting to get my hair and nails done at least once a month. I am making more time for Crystal versus everyone else. I love the woman that I am.
  3. Magic Lessons
    Elizabeth Gilbert is completely awesome! I read Big Magic, and I was absolutely inspired to go and be creative. I was researching different podcasts and stumbled upon it. I love every episode of it. When I just need an extra boost, I tune it to an older episode and get energized.
  4. Daily Navigation
    At the beginning of the month, I shared a part of the first chapter of my book. I received great feedback. I love it when my readers actually enjoy what I wrote. My goal is to finish Daily Navigation within the next month. I love every part of it, and I can’t wait to see the finished product.
  5. My Career
    This past year, I’ve worked so hard to prove my spot in the big world of CES. I love my career especially program development and finding/exposing the youth in the program to new opportunities. Today, I conducted a training for a school enrichment program for a group of teachers. They loved it, and in turn so did I.
  6. Sewing
    For Christmas, I decided to make some DIY easy throw pillow projects for some people. I absolutely love sewing. It helps me to relax. This simple hobby is slowly becoming a potential monetary opportunity. I am currently addicted to going into craft or fabric stores looking for new ideas and fabric styles. Stay tuned for more information on Sew Starkey.
  7. Grad School, well sort of
    Yes, I’m back in grad school. It took a long time to find the best program that was best suited for my purpose. I love attending class and interacting with my classmates.
  8. Winter TV Lineup
    Baby Daddy. Blackish. Here We Go Again. Born Again Virgin. I’m excited! I love watching great sitcoms.
  9. Girls Scout Cookies
    Two Words: Thin Mints
  10. TWH
    He’s complete awesomeness! ❤ ❤ ❤

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