The Write Block


What is The Write Block?

Founder Starkey was 15-years-old when she watched “Finding Forrester” for the first time. Sean Connery’s character, William Forrester said, “The first key to writing is…to write, not to think.” The idea resonated in her mind into adulthood. She wrote freely about any and everything that came to her mind.
Within the last year, she had an idea of starting a group for young writers to come together to discuss frustrations, brainstorm, kick writer’s block out of the door, and most importantly write. We throw out writing prompt exercises to get our minds going prior to working on our individual projects, but sharing is optional.
Originally dubbed as Always Write PHREA: the Writer’s Circle based on her former blog, Always PHREA, she recently changed its same to The Write Block.
The Write Block represents a small group of writers who support each other in this path. It can be difficult as an aspiring or seasoned writer, but a small group of fellow writers who will stand by your side is just “write.”

Do you provide prompts?
YES! Once a week, I will share a new writing prompt for my fellow writers. Some of the prompts may be thematic, but others may be completely random. You don’t have to share them with anyone. The goal is to get you to write especially if you have writer’s block of any kind.

How often does The Write Block meet?
The Write Block meet bi-monthly every 3rd Saturday unless notified. The meetings will begin again in August.

What should I bring?
Something to write with – pen and paper, laptop, or tablet. It’s up to you. My goal is for everyone feel comfortable enough to write their thoughts down, make some progress on their latest project and mostly do something with it.
Business Cards and Project Information: Optional


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