Teach Me How to Love: Charlotte Life & Relationship Coach schools readers on lessons in new book

Teach-Me-How-2-Love-Blog-Tour-700x175-2Troy Spry’s mission is simple. According to his Web site, Xklusive Thoughts, its mission is “to first inspire people to become better people so that they can become better mates which will foster an environment for better relationships and ultimately help build better communities!”

He has migrated from being a writer to certified life and relationship coach and now a published author of his first book – Teach Me How to Love: Why What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You. This past weekend, he shared in this experience with an intimate group of family, friends, and supporters of the Xklusive Thoughts movement for his book launch party.

The event was an opportunity for supporters, especially new supporters, family, and friends to learn a bit more about the process of publishing, Spry as a writer/author, and hear about the book. If you aren’t familiar with the South Carolina native, then you are missing out. He balances a full-time job working in the pharmaceutical industry, writer, husband, and father to an adorable baby. Spry was featured in several publications and online media outlets including: Black and Married with Kids, where he won the Writer of the Year and Writers Choice awards, JET Magazine Online, Vixen Daily, HuffPost Live, and many others.

Teach Me How to Love

teachme1Throughout Troy’s experience as a “Reality Expert” in life and relationships, he quickly learned the missing link to a lot of people’s issues – they weren’t taught how to love. In his book, he breaks down barriers and provide solutions for people hoping for a different result in their love life.

“It’s a change your mindset, not a how-to book,” Spry said.

The book is composed of 14 lessons to make your mind think, and execute some type of action ranging from cutting off communication with your ex or having a clearer understanding of your values in a relationship. During the launch party, he read a snippet of Be “The One,” which is a great chapter.

Troy’s favorite chapter is “When It’s Right, It’s Easy” because it focus on building those healthy relationship conversations.

Teach Me How to Love is an awesome read, and it’s for everyone regardless of their relationship status on Facebook. You can purchase your copy at http://amzn.to/1LpGTus.

Now it’s your turn. Do you believe people aren’t taught how to love anymore?



12 thoughts on “Teach Me How to Love: Charlotte Life & Relationship Coach schools readers on lessons in new book

  1. I do believe people weren’t taught to love. I am living proof. I was never told the words I love you from anyone until I was 26 years old….never. My husband said it but he was the only one. I had to learn to love me and learn how to love and it’s been tough. I have heard nothing but great things about this book can’t wait to read it.

  2. Look I need someone to teach me because clearly I dont know what I am doing. Yes sometimes we could all use professional help on this subject because we dont learn this in school!

  3. Wow this sounds really interesting and a topic many can relate to. Everyone has these different views and experiences on what love should look like. Took me a while to really understand it.

  4. It appears that many people have not been taught how to love or either choose not to due to walls they have built around themselves. We also believe that before you can genuinely and effectively love someone you must first love yourself.

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