crystal starkes 2013

Who is Starkey? Starkey is Crystal Starkes – a writer, journalist, dream seeker, and PHREAdom (freedom) leader.

Writing was always a part of her life. She started writing in the fourth grade for her elementary school’s newsletter. She realized that she had something to say and write. Starkes continued to work on her school’s newspaper staffs in middle school, high school and college. Writing and journalism was a part of her life. She was in love with writing.

In college, she learned the art and science of journalism. She realized it was more than just writing, but it was about providing insight to individuals while inspiring them and making them move in some shape or form. She graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications with a Journalism concentration in 2007. However, while in college, she began to fall out of love for writing. Therefore, she left college and begin focusing her attention on other job paths.

However, within the last three years, she started to find her voice again as a writer. To date, Starkes is a writer for her sorority’s magazine. She is a blogger. She writes press releases and biographies for local businesses in the Charlotte and surrounding areas. She also creates different social media content for local companies.

Being Starkey is an extension of her. Hopefully, you will feel and appreciate her interest and passion for journalism through it.


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